Results of the 11th pre-art Competition for young composers

These are the results of the 11th pre-art Competition for young composers:

1st prize: not awarded
2nd prize (1500 CHF): Emre Eröz (Turkey) for „Amnesia“
3rd prize (1000 CHF): Ugurcan Öztekin (Turkey) for „Wandlungen“

Honorary Mention (each 500 CHF)
Hanan Hadzajilić (Slovenia/Bosnia and Herzegovina) for „Die Fuge der Kunst“
Sofia Avramidou (Greece) for „Deeper down the rabbit-hole“
Ylli Daklani (Kosovo) for „Going Backwards“

The two prize-winning pieces are going to be played by pre-art soloist on the program of the next concerts:

Basel: March 26th 2019
Winterthur: March 27th 2019

Congratulations to all winners!

The jury:
Matthias Arter (artistic director, composer, oboist)
Roland Moser (composer, president of the jury)
Boris Previšić (flutist, cultural scientist)
Ališer Sijarić (composer)
Stefan Wirth (composer, pianist)